Why am I unable to log in to my Orbi?

If you are unable to log in to your Orbi account, then you must check the mentioned pointers:

  • Ensure that the connections of power, network, and cable are proper. If they are not, make the connections again. Do not forget to check the internet connection from the end of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  • Reboot the Orbi devices and clear the cache cookies files from the web browser. Before clearing the cluttered data, just try restarting both the devices (operating device and Orbi device).
  • Check even if you are using the correct set of credentials to login to the Orbi router. Plus, check if you are using the correct web address or IP address as well. Orbi login web address is Orbilogin.com or you may use default IP address called

If the above-mentioned pointers do not help you, then reset the Orbi devices.

How to sync Orbi router with Orbi Satellite?

In order to sync the Orbi router to the Orbi satellite, you may follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Ensure the Orbi router and satellites are powered on.
  2. Next to that, you have to look for the sync button on the Orbi router and on Orbi satellites.
  3. Press the sync or the WPS button of the Orbi router and then on the Orbi satellite. Press the WPS buttons of both devices within two minutes.
  4. Let the devices sync to each other.

This is how to sync the Orbi router and Orbi satellite. If you have more than one satellite then, you need to sync all the Orbi satellites to the Orbi router one by one.

How to do Netgear Orbi login?

For Netgear Orbi login you need default login IDs but if you have already customized the login credentials then use those. Follow the steps for Netgear Orbi login using Orbilogin.net.

  1. Connect your laptop or computer system with Orbi setup.
  2. Next, you shall open the browser and run the login URL Orbilogin.net.
  3. On the login window enter the word admin in the field of the username and enter the word password in the field of password.
  4. Click on the login button and the Netgear Orbi login process is completed.

You can also log in to your Orbi account using the Orbi app. What you need to do is download the app and create an account. Do verify the mail and generate login credentials for further Orbi setup login using the Orbi app.

How do I find my Orbi login username and password for Orbilogin.com?

There are two Orbi login usernames and passwords. The first Orbi login credentials are for Orbi network login and the second set of credentials is to log in Orbi web page.

The network login username and password of the Orbi router are mentioned on the product label of the Orbi router.

The web login credentials of the Orbi router are ‘admin’ for username and ‘password’ for the password. You need to run the web URL Orbilogin.com for logging into the web login credentials. You may also use the default IP address called for login.

How to set up Orbi Router with the Orbi app?

In order to setup an Orbi router using the Orbi app, download the Orbi app on your smartphone. After that, you need to follow the provided set of instructions:

  1. Power cycle the home router/ modem.
  2. Next to that, you have to use an ethernet cable to connect the home modem with the Orbi router.
  3. Connect the Orbi router to the power socket.
  4. There are network credentials of the Orbi router mentioned on the Orbi router’s back label.
  5. Use the Orbi router’s network credentials to enter the network through your smartphone.
  6. Next to which, open the Orbi app and create the Orbi account.
  7. Then, add your Orbi devices to the Orbi account and set network credentials on the Orbi router network band.

This is all about the configuration of the Orbi router with the Orbi app.

How to reset the Orbi setup?

There is a reset button on the Orbi router, press that button for ten seconds, and your Orbi router will reset itself on factory default settings.

After this re-configure your Orbi router to the home network and other Orbi satellites.

How do I setup my Orbi Wifi system manually?

The initial question with the purchase of Orbi setup is how to configure the Orbi router with wifi. So, here we are answering your question. You can manually configure Orbi either with Orbilogin.net or with Orbilogin.com. Look into the following steps and complete the setup process.

  1. Start by power cycling the home router/ modem.
  2. Next to that, you have to use an ethernet cable to connect the home modem/ router with the Orbi router.
  3. Now you may connect the Orbi router to a power socket. Let the power indicator to light properly.  
  4. Use another ethernet cable to connect the Netgear Orbi router with the operating device.
  5. If you have any Orbi satellites connect them to a power outlet and keep it within the network range of your Orbi router.
  6. There is a sync button on your Orbi router and Orbi satellites.
  7. Press that sync button on the Orbi router, and then on the Orbi satellite within the time period of a minute. Let the devices sync in. Ensure the LED indicators of your Orbi router and satellite are solid blue. (You can also use ethernet cables for connection if you want.)
  8. Now you may open the browser in the operating device that is connected to the Orbi router.
  9. Run the link Orbilogin.com in the address bar.
  10. You will reach on the Netgear Orbi login page.
  11. Here, on the login page enter the default credentials. These credentials are written on the back of the Orbi router. (Default username is admin and the default password is password.)
  12. After that go to advanced, and then to Internet Setup.
  13. Set the network credentials and details for your Orbi setup.

This is how you manually configure your Orbi setup.

How to fix the Orbi connection issue?

Orbi connection issue or error is a common error with Netgear Orbi setup. There are a couple of reasons why the user is facing this Orbi connection or network issue. So, a couple of fixes are mentioned herein form of pointers.

  • Check Connections – There are three connections that you have to be sure of; those connections are of power, network, and cable (if any). Also, ensure the fact that you have to check the internet speed from the Internet Service Provider’s end. Check loosened and worn-out ethernet cables.
  • Router’s Location – Ensure the Orbi router is within the network range of your home router. If not, move your Orbi router closer to the home router.
  • Try Restarting and Rebooting – Do restart your Orbi router and also, restart the operating device on which you were using the Orbi network connection. If restarting does not work, then you shall reboot the Orbi router and operating device.
  • Overheated Device – Overheated networking devices are the cause of issues. This is why you need to ensure your Orbi devices are not overheated. Ensure proper ventilation for the Orbi devices or use a cooling pad to bring the Orbi router to its normal temperature.
  • VLAN Tagging – Check if the VLAN tagging option is turned on. You can check it by logging in to the Orbi account. Go to Advanced option on setup wizard of Orbi router. Then, go to Advanced Setup > VLAN bridge option. From there enable the VLAN bridging option.
  • Reset the Orbi – When all of the above-mentioned pointers do not work, then you shall perform the reset of the Orbi router to factory default settings.

Orbi Yellow Light problem 

If your Orbi router is flashing yellow light on its power LED, it means you have to move the Orbi router closer to the home router. When your Orbi satellite is flashing yellow light, then you shall move the Orbi satellite closer to the Orbi router.

If doing so doesn’t help remove the Orbi device yellow light error, you can reset the Orbi setup because that is the last resort.