Orbi Pink Light

How to Fix the Orbi Pink Light Issues?

Orbi pink light issue is a very common issue and users can easily resolve it by following a few steps. If you see router pink light on your device, it means there is a issue with the transmission of the wireless signal. 

Users claim that when the pink light comes up on their device, they experience issues with their Wifi network. Most users are not clear that what do pink lights mean when they occur. Whatever the reason be, this post will help you with the Orbi pink light fix. 

This post will walk you through the pink light issue and how to resolve it by following the steps outlined here. 

Simple fix for Orbi pink light issue

1. Orbi router reboot or refresh

First of all, it is important that you reboot your Orbi router. It is the easiest fix to resolve the router pink light issue and you won’t have to talk to any professional technicians. Unplug your Orbi router from the power port and then wait for a few seconds before you plug the cable again into the same port.

2. Poor signal distribution

This is another reason why the pink light issue could be coming up and it is related to the poor distribution of the wireless signal from your Orbi satellite. It is your duty to make sure that the Orbi router and satellite are placed in a surrounding, which is free from thick walls, fish tanks, and other WiFi-enabled devices. 

3. Possible hardware issues

Here, we need to cross-check whether the cables are working perfectly well or not. The cables or wires should be free from any signs or symptoms of wear and tear. Kindly be sure that the Ethernet cable connecting the Orbi router and the modem is in good condition. All the cables and wires should be firmly plugged into their respective ports. This will most likely resolve the Orbi pink light issue. 

4. Orbi firmware update

This is the last step in Orbi pink light fix. Regular upgradation of your router’s firmware is an effective way of keeping your wireless router up-to-date. Companies keep releasing the latest firmware updates in order to fix bugs and bring overall improvements to their manufactured products. You must keep your Orbi WiFi system’s firmware up-to-date in order to ensure better overall performance and stability. 

Bottom line 

Orbi router pink light issue can occur anytime on your device. When you see pink light on your device, make sure you refer to this guide in order to immediately resolve the issue. Although it is pretty easy to fix this issue on your own, some users claimed that they were caught up by the complexity of the process. 

We hope that you liked this Orbi pink light troubleshooting guide. If you face more issues with your device, make sure you get in touch with our support team for more help.