Orbi Pink Light

How to Fix the Orbi Pink Light Issues?

Generally, Orbi routers are renowned for their exceptional network speed and wider coverage. However, using an Orbi mesh system eliminates the dead zones. Additionally, if you buy a smart Orbi mesh system but encounter an Orbi pink light issue, then don’t get frustrated. It is common among the new devices while you are trying to connect them.

Moreover, the Orbi mesh system and satellites both can show Pink or Magenta light. But a few of the people described it as a purplish or pink color commonly. In addition, the Orbi router pink light primarily indicates that Orbi has no internet connection. On the other hand, the magenta or pink light on the Orbi satellites depicts that there is no active connection, unable to connect to the router, or that the satellite does not have an IP address. 

Further, if you are getting confused about understanding the reasons behind the pink light and need help with its troubleshooting, then you must stay on this page. Here, you get the complete information regarding the same, so have a look at this post. 

Why does Orbi pink light appear solid?

As mentioned above, the pink light on the Orbi router depicts there is no active internet connection. So, the causes behind this are also related to the network also, so let’s have a look at them:

  • Weak network signals
  • Internet issues from the ISP side
  • Network cables are damaged or not connected properly
  • Improper Orbi mesh placement
  • Signal interferences
  • Corrupted or incompatible firmware version
  • Technical glitches and bugs

How to fix pink light on Orbi router or satellite?

Additionally, we expose the root causes behind the Orbi pink light issue on your router and satellite. Likewise, it is essential to resolve this pink light issue on the networking device timely. In this section, we share some effective methods to troubleshoot this issue, take a closer look:

Stabilize the internet connection

If your network is poor and has weak signal strength, use an Ethernet-wired network. It will help to stabilize the internet and boost the signal strength.

Contact ISP Authority

If there are frequent connection drop-offs, continued weak signals, or no network, then you must contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and know the status. Follow the guidelines they explain to you.

Check cable connections

Look at the network cable connections and power cord as these are not loose or faulty. If connections are loose, tighten them or replace the cables or cord if damaged.

Relocate the Orbi router

Sometimes the Orbi pink light may occur on your router or satellites if these are not placed at a central location. Additionally, the thick walls and congested areas interrupt the network signal, so it is necessary to relocate the router to a central location and place the satellites closer to the router while connecting. 

Eliminate network obstructions

The signal drop-off and weaker signals may also occur if there are obstructions present. These can be mirrors, furniture, baby monitors, microwaves, etc. So, to avoid signal breakage, remove these obstructions or replace the router.

Power cycle the Orbi

If you are still facing network issues while connecting your Orbi router or the satellites, then it may be due to technical glitches or bugs inside the networking device. To resolve it, reboot the router first. For this, unplug the router and then the modem. Wait for 30 seconds, and plug back the devices as you remove them. 

Upgrade the firmware to a compatible version

Confirm that you have downloaded the compatible firmware file version for the Orbi router. However, if you are using a corrupted firmware file or an incompatible version, then it may restrict the Orbi router from connecting with the network. 

Factory reset the Orbi router

If you are incapable of fixing the Orbi router pink light error, then factory reset the networking gadget. It will revert your device to the default settings and you have to reconfigure it. If you need to know how to factory reset Orbi router, then reach out to us.

Wrapping up

All in all, the information we share here will surely assist you in understanding the Orbi pink light completely. Likewise, you will know about the root causes of this issue and the suitable troubleshooting methods to resolve it. If still seeking more help with the Orbi router, then stay in touch with us!