Default Router Login

The default router IP address is the private IP address of your wireless router. The default IP address http lets you access your wifi router and configure its settings as per your requirement. When you login to the router, you can easily control or manage the wireless settings and many features.

This IP address is supported by most router brands, such as Netgear, Linksys, Tp-Link, Tenda, and D-Link. You can even access the router admin settings without having an active connection to the internet. In simple words, you can access the router settings even if your router is not connected to the internet. This is because the router login page is directly served by the private IP address. You just have to make sure your computer is connected to the router’s network before proceeding to login to it.

It is very easy to login to the router using the default IP address. However, it is also important that you know everything about the internal IP address of your router. Let’s learn more about the default router IP address in this post.

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How to login to router using

As already discussed, the private IP address helps you access your router settings and manage it as per your requirements. In this section, we will learn how to login to the router using http Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, we need to make sure the router is connected to our PC or mobile.
  2. Open a web browser and type in the address bar.
  3. If the address does not work, type as an alternate address.
  4. After that, you will be redirected to the router login page.
  5. The router login page prompts you to put down the default username and password.
  6. Click the Login button afterward.
  7. The web browser will take you to the router admin panel.

What all can I do after login?

There is an endless number of things that you can do once you login to the router admin panel using the http router IP address. Here are the things that you can do once you login to the router:

Frequently asked questions

How to change router admin password?

To change the default username and password of your router admin, you need to login to the device. Use the default router IP address to login to the router admin panel. Once you login, go to the Administration page and click on Change Password. Enter the old password and then enter the new password.

Can’t login to What to do?

If you are having trouble logging into, make sure you check whether the cables are firmly plugged into their respective ports. Also, make sure the cables are not showing any signs of wear and tear. Connect your router to some other wifi-enabled device and re-attempt to login to the wireless router. If you still find it difficult to login, reset your router.

How to reset wifi router?

Press and hold the reset button located on the backside of your router. Hold down your router’s reset button for about 10 seconds. Once you release the button, your wifi router will get back to its factory default settings. You can also reset the router settings using the private IP address http

How to update firmware via

Login to your wireless router using the default IP address. Once you login to the router, go to Advanced or Maintenance. Select Firmware Upgrade and you will the firmware update window on the screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the firmware update on your router.

How to change the WiFi password of my router?

Go to the web browser and enter http in the address bar. After that, enter the default username and password to login to the wifi router. Thereafter, go to the wireless settings page and locate the WiFi password or pre-shared key. Clear the field and enter the new password for your network. Click Save and you will be disconnected from the network. Reconnect to the wifi network using the new pre-shared key or wifi password.