Orbi Access Points

A step-by-step guide to configure Orbi as an access point

Generally, Orbi is a popular mesh Wi-Fi system known for its robust performance and seamless coverage. Additionally, Orbi excels as a standalone router and satellite device, but you can configure it as an access point to extend your existing network. Likewise, to use your mesh system as a Netgear Orbi access point, you need to configure its settings accordingly.

However, it is somehow a complex process but can be easily done after following the proper guidance and steps. Additionally, while you are thinking of starting with this operation, you need to gather a few of the required things that are necessary for this process. Similarly, the methods remain the same for every Netgear Orbi model but steps can vary.

In addition, if you are not aware of the Netgear Orbi access point procedure, then must stay on our guide. Here, you will get to know what the requirements are to begin the process and how you carry out it. Likewise, we also share suitable solutions to fix the configuration issues that occur during the process.

Gather Necessary Equipment

If you are going to begin the process for Orbi as an access point, then must gather the below-mentioned things to initiate it:

  • Orbi router and satellites
  • Existing router
  • Stable network connection
  • Ethernet cables
  • Web address
  • Admin username and password
  • Computer 

Configuration Steps for Orbi Access Point

If you get ready with the preparation to configure orbi as access point with required items, then you can go ahead with the process. Keep in mind that follow the steps in order and do not skip any of them. Additionally, if you are not aware of the steps to set your Orbi as an access point, then must check out this section. 

Connect to the Orbi

  • Initially, power on your Orbi router and connect it to your existing router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, link your computer/laptop to the Orbi network either through Wi-Fi or using an Ethernet cable.

Access the Orbi Web Interface

  • Further, open a web browser and enter “http://orbilogin.com” or″ in the address bar.
  • Next, log in with your Orbi admin credentials, i.e. username and password.

Visit Advanced Settings

  • After logging into the web interface, go to “Advanced” settings.

Change Orbi Mode to Access Point

  • Under the “Advanced Setup” section, tap on “Router/AP Mode.”
  • Select the “Access Point (AP) Mode” option and click “Apply.”

Assign IP Address

  • Once the device reboots, go to the “LAN Setup” section.
  • Here, disable the router’s DHCP server by unchecking the “Use Router as DHCP Server” option.
  • Now, assign a static IP address to Orbi within your existing network’s range (e.g.,

Link Orbi to Your Existing Router

  • After that, take an Ethernet cable to connect one of the LAN ports on your existing router to one of the LAN ports on the Orbi router.

Configure Wireless Settings

  • Next, go to the “Wireless Settings” section and set up your Wi-Fi network with the same SSID, security mode, and password as your existing router.

Reboot and Test

  • Finally, reboot the Orbi router to apply the changes.
  • Now, disconnect your computer from the Orbi and link it to your existing network.
  • Next, test the Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure a seamless transition between the routers.

Troubleshooting Steps for Netgear Orbi access point

Face errors during the access point process? No worries! We will explain the accurate solutions to resolve these common and temporary errors. Let’s have a look beneath:

  • Check that you have connected the Ethernet cables to the right LAN ports.
  • Next, make sure your router and Orbi mesh have an adequate power supply.
  • Find that your router has an updated Firmware.
  • Additionally, replace if there is any defective network cable.
  • Ensure you have stable network connectivity and that network cable connections are tight enough.
  • Examine that Orbi got a static IP to finalize the process.
  • After completing the process, reboot your router and Orbi. This will fix the temporary glitches and connectivity errors.


All in all, configuring your Orbi mesh system as an access point can significantly improve your Wi-Fi coverage and boost the signal strength. Additionally, following these step-by-step instructions, you can seamlessly integrate your Netgear Orbi access point providing a secure and extended wireless experience for your connected devices. Similarly, if you face any issues during the process, you must walk through our troubleshooting section to fix these issues. Seeking further assistance? Drop us a line!