Orbi Mesh Network

A Brief Guide to Orbi Mesh Network Configuration

Generally, the Orbi mesh network is a superior networking device that delivers wider coverage for your entire home. Likewise, it comes with a simple yet user-friendly web interface. You can access and configure this networking device according to your preferences. 

In addition, the Orbi mesh system comes as dual, tri, and quad-band routers with the latest WiFi6 technology. Likewise, these can be easily configured through the web address and app method. Similarly, the Orbi satellite setup is also done through the Sync button also if not using the app or web GUI.

Further, if you are looking for assistance with how to set up an Orbi mesh network, then you must stay tuned to a guide. Here, you easily find the complete information regarding the Orbi setup and satellite configuration. Let’s begin here!

What do you need to begin the Orbi mesh network setup process?

While you are thinking of beginning with the setup procedure for the Orbi network, get ready with a few of the required items, such as:

  • Reliable network
  • Orbi router & satellite
  • Web address
  • Admin credentials
  • Computer
  • Orbi app
  • Smartphone

How to set up an Orbi mesh network?

Moreover, as discussed above, web GUI and Orbi are the primary methods that you can use to configure your Orbi Mesh Network and satellites. Besides this, you can use the Sync button process to link the Orbi satellite to the router. Now, take a brief look at the steps below, mentioned for each technique:

Orbi router setup using the Web GUI

  • To begin with, ensure your networking device is powered on.
  • Next, link the Orbi network to the computer/laptop that you use.
  • After that, launch the web browser & mention the orbilogin.net web address in the browser bar.
  • Instead, use the orbilogin.com web or the IP address if the above-mentioned web address does not work.
  • Here, a login window appears to you, hence enter the admin username and password on this window.
  • Now, you visit the master Setup wizard of the router.
  • To configure basic settings, go to Basic>Wireless>SSID Name/Password (WPA2/Network Key)>Apply.
  • Further, return to the Setup screen, and click on the Advanced tab.
  • Hereon, tap on the required settings that you want to configure, such as Parental Controls, Guest Network, and more.
  • Also, at the Home dashboard, you can click on the Add Satellite option and follow the instructions to add satellites to your primary router.
  • Finally, you are done with the Orbi Mesh Network setup.

Orbi wifi router setup through the Orbi app

  • First & foremost, confirm that you are using the updated version of the Orbi app.
  • Next, visit the WiFi settings on your smartphone and connect it to the Orbi router network.
  • Afterward, open the app and type the admin details on the login window.
  • Now, a setup dashboard opens to you.
  • Here, go to the WiFi Settings on the router’s dashboard and change the SSID name and Password if not changed previously.
  • Click on Apply/Save to secure the changes you made recently.
  • After that, visit the Advanced Settings and then configure them accordingly, such as Networking settings, Guest Mode, Parental Control, etc. 
  • Here, you visit the Home dashboard again, click on Add Satellite, and follow the on-screen guidelines.
  • At last, don’t forget to click on Save/Apply/Finish to implement the settings you have made. 

How to sync the Orbi router and satellites using the Sync button?

It is fairly easy to connect the Orbi router and the satellite. As it is also necessary to sync both to eliminate the dead spots and for wider coverage. Additionally, the simpler method is using the Sync button to pair the router and the satellite. In this section, we highlight the steps for the efficient Orbi satellite setup:

  • Initially, power on your Orbi satellite and check the LED is turned on White.
  • When the pulsing white light becomes solid, then your satellite is ready for the configuration.
  • Next, find and press down the Sync button on your Orbi satellite.
  • Simultaneously, press the Sync button on the Orbi router within two minutes. 
  • Now, wait patiently till the satellite pairs with the router.
  • Make sure that the router and the secondary unit are placed closer to each other.
  • The bottom LED turns Blue which ensures a successful synchronization of both devices.
  • Lastly, bring your satellites to another place where you need to remove the dead spots. 

Final Thoughts 

On the whole, the information we share with you will surely assist you in configuring the Orbi Mesh Network efficiently. Likewise, you can explore the steps for each method to complete the setup process. Additionally, if you want to add another satellite to the main router, then follow the web GUI, app, or Sync button process that we have discussed in the next section. Still need more info? Approach us here!