sync orbi satellite

How to sync Orbi Satellite?

Netgear Orbi mesh type routers are a perfect alternative to range extenders. Unlike the latter, the orbi satellites can be paired easily and configured to work with the main router in a hassle-free manner. If you have an Orbi Mesh router system at home, you probably understand what we mean. But, if you don’t you can always count on one of the Orbi wifi setup systems for your networking needs. For now, read along to discover information on how to sync orbi satellite to the main router in easy steps.

Sync your Orbi Satellite manually

Before you begin syncing your Orbi satellite, you’ll need to power your satellite and make sure the main router is configured. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Bring your Orbi satellite closer to the main Orbi router. Preferably, the satellite and the router should be in the same room.
  • Connect your satellite to a power outlet. The power LED on the rear of the Orbi device will light up. If it doesn’t, press the power On/Off button.
  • Wait for the LED on the bottom to light up in white. The LED behavior will either be Pulsing White or solid white. While the pulsing white on the satellite means that the LED is booting up, the solid white LED would mean that the Orbi satellite is ready for the sync process.
  • Press the Sync button on the back of your satellite. This will initiate the wireless lookup process. Within two minutes, press the Sync button on the back of the main Orbi router.
  • Allow some time for the sync process to complete. The LED on the bottom will light up during the sync process. It can take around six minutes for the satellite to sync.

LED light behavior

Once the LED turns to white, it will again show three different colors for 3 minutes and then turn off. Here is some information on what these colors mean:

  • Blue: Your router and satellite have synced successfully and the connection between them is good.
  • Amber: Your router and satellite have synced successfully and the connection between them is fair. You can try moving both a little closer.
  • Magenta: The Orbi router fails to sync with the main router. Consider moving it closer to the main Orbi router and try to sync them again.

Once the Orbi satellite has synced with the main router, you can move it outdoors and connect it to a power source there. Make sure that the light LED on the bottom is blue.

Resolving issues with the Sync process

If the Orbi satellite fails to sync with the main router, here are some easy steps you can try:

See if the satellite is compatible with the router

Not every Orbi satellite and Orbi router is compatible. You’ll need to use the satellite meant for a specific Orbi router model with it. If you modify the firmware to force connect the two, you may not likely get the signal quality and output as you would with the original settings. Therefore, also check if the Orbi satellite you are trying to connect is compatible with the Orbi router you are trying to sync it with.

Run the setup process completely

If the orbi satellite is not set up completely, there is a high chance that the extender will not work as intended. Always check that the satellite setup is correctly done. Also, check the distance between the both. You can refer to the color of the LED on the Orbi satellite to see the connection status.

RESET your Orbi Satellite

If none of the troubleshooting methods seem to help, you can always reset the Orbi satellite settings to factory default. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Locate the RESET button on the satellite and press and hold it for about 5 seconds.
  • You’ll notice the power LED on the front side blink in white.
  • Once the RESET process is complete, the satellite will reboot and you can reconfigure the settings.

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