Orbi Blue light

How to Fix Orbi Blue Light Issue?

The Orbi Blue light is nothing unusual as most users come across this type of issue. Most users suggest that they are now used to seeing this light go off after a few minutes. Getting to see issues on your Orbi router does not mean that your device had certain manufacturing defects or the Orbi wifi system is not what you’d expected. It is quite obvious for networking devices to encounter minor issues in their day-to-day working routine. 

However, it is important to learn what this light actually means. If you are seeing the same on your Orbi router that won’t go off in itself, you are on the right page. This page will explain to you what the error means and how you can fix the same instantly. 

What does Orbi blue light mean?

When you see a blue light on Orbi, it does not indicate that there is some serious issue with your device mainly because the network is working perfectly well during that time. The Orbi satellite blue light is something most users are used to seeing. However, these users report that the blue light appears only for a limited period of time, and then it disappears. Well, if you see the blue light Orbi get stuck and won’t go off, it means there’s something wrong with the network. 

Sure shot fix for Orbi blue light issue

This section will walk you across the troubleshooting steps to learn how to fix Orbi blue light issue that won’t go off. Please follow the steps below:

1. Firstly, restart the Orbi satellite

This should be your #1 step to perform whenever you see the Orbi satellite blue light issue. Simply, turn off the Orbi satellite and leave it off for at least 5 minutes. After that, turn on the Orbi satellite. The light disappears in most cases. However, if it does not go off, move to the next step. 

2. Restart the Orbi network 

We recommend you restart your entire Orbi network if the previous step did not fix the blue light issue on Orbi. Firstly, turn off your modem and disconnect it from the power outlet. Secondly, turn off your Orbi router and disconnect it from the outlet. Thereafter, turn off all the Orbi satellites and wait for about 10 minutes. Now, power On all the devices and check whether the blue light on your Orbi satellite went off or not. If it does not, move to the next step. 

3. Resync the Orbi router and satellite

  • Turn off your Orbi satellite and turn it On again. 
  • After that, the ring light should turn white or magenta on the Orbi satellite. 
  • Thereafter, press the SYNC button on your Orbi router and then press the SYNC button on the satellite.
  • Please wait while the sync process completes. 
  • During this time, the satellite will blink solid blue and it should disappear after a few minutes. 

4. Check the physical connection 

Now, you need to ensure that the cable, which is connecting the router to the modem is firmly plugged in on both sides. Please inspect both sides to see if the cable has been plugged in firmly. The wires should not show any signs of wear and tear. 

5. Orbi firmware update 

If the Orbi blue light does not go off still, please look for a firmware update for your system.

  • Login to your Orbi router using orbilogin.net or the Orbi app. 
  • Go to the Advanced page and then select Administration. 
  • After that, click on Firmware Update and click Online Update. 
  • If the latest version is available, you will see it on the screen. 
  • Click Update All and wait while your router starts the Orbi firmware update process. 

Once the firmware updates on your devices, the blue light issue will be gone by then. Make sure you do not interrupt the firmware update process on your router. 


That was all about the Orbi blue light issue that won’t go off easily. We discussed the troubleshooting steps to fix the blue light issue instantly. If you can’t resolve the issue or need assistance, please get in touch with our support team.